About Us

Our Purpose

We are dedicated to providing our clients with exemplary legal services and advice in other areas of enterprise and endeavour outside the legal framework. We specialize in transacting business with both private individuals, commercial entities and public corporations as well despite the size or terms of reference.

We provide clients with quality commercially focused and individually tailored advice. We work with media, commercial and business groups. To assist clients, we draw from a wide pool of expertise and resources to deliver specialized and personalized service. We believe that what distinguishes us from other law firms is that we always ensure that our advice is practical, yet innovative and that the work is performed on time, on budget, with the client in mind.

We carry out our clients’ instructions with minimum delay and are committed to committing a Law Firm based on expertise and services, with a personal touch.

Our Vision

To provide superior bespoke legal services and advisory solutions that meet unique challenges and exceed stated expectations in accordance with the highest professional standards and ethics.

To provide excellent career opportunities and training for Counsel in our Legal Team and staffers in our Administrative Teams to ensure optimum value to our clients, who are usually stakeholders in their various industries and esquires’ legal remains a proactive and progressive contributor to the development and sustenance of the Nigerian Legal System and Jurisprudence.

The Firm’s ethos is to ensure that the ordinary person receives just as good quality legal advice as our state bodies, big organisations and multi-nationals. esquires’ legal is unwavering in its commitment to providing first class legal professional services.

Our Strategy

Using all forms of Information Technology related tools including modern data processing equipment to improve efficiency and currency, dedicated to the advancement of law and research, each client will be attended to closely by a partner who is responsible for the management of the overall relationship. We adopt a “hands-on” and “people-orientated” approach whereby clients’ are treated as individuals by Firm partners and have easy access to all members of their specialist team.

We strive to bring trust, respect, honesty and hard work to every case and project. We have built a solid reputation amongst our clients by outlining specific expectations during the earliest discussions and getting to know our client and meeting and/or surpassing their expectations. We are qualified to accommodate all aspects of your claims and defence/project or particular brief.

Our Objectives

We ensure that we remain focused on our objective which is to satisfy our clients and they in turn achieve their goals. Our goal is helping you reach your goals, offering insight, creative thinking and maximum value to all our clients, all of the time.

At the end of each service, our clients are assured exceptional professional legal service because we work to understand each client’s particular needs and deliver services and specialty management solutions that will add value to their lives and businesses.