Notorial Services

We provide bespoke notary services to our clientele, from corporate institutions to individuals. Our services here include the following:

a. Administering Oaths

We Administer oaths usually for evidential purposes but generally as formal confirmation of the bona fides of a document to be used for official purposes.

b. Certification of Documents

We officially and formally certify documents for legal and other reasons.

c. Bills of Exchange

We prepare and/or certify Bills of Exchange

d. Authentication

We help to obtain an Authentication from Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

e. Notarial Certification

Our Notaries prepare Notarial Certificates of Law & Good Standing.

f. Verification

We help with verification of Company documents, identity and/or signature. We witness the execution of local and international documents used in commercial and banking transactions, real estate sales, wills and probate matters, intellectual property rights and similar criteria across the board in our areas of Practice and beyond.