Practice Areas include:

  1. Corporate Law/Secretarial

Business and commercial law; Commercial Transactions; Mergers & Acquisitions, Management  Buy Out/in; Arrangement on sale, Arrangement and compromise, International Trade corporate Finance & Securities.  We also offer Company Secretarial services to our corporate clientele.


  1. Real Property & Conveyancing Law


Sale, Purchase, Mortgage & Re-Mortgage Purchase and Sale, Commercial and Industrial Leasing of Retail, Office or Industrial Space; Real Estate Financing and Development Mortgage Related Transactions.  We deal with all matters relating to real estate in the following Legal jurisdictions: UK, USA and Nigeria.


  1. Notarial Services.

We provide bespoke notary services to our clientele, from corporate institutions to individuals.  Our services here include the following:

  • Administering Oaths

We Administer oaths usually for evidential purposes but generally as formal confirmation of the bona fides of a document to be used for official purposes.

  • Certification of Documents

We officially and formally certify documents for legal and other reasons.

  • Bills of Exchange

We prepare and/or certify Bills of Exchange

  • Authentication

We help to obtain an Authentication from Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

  • Notarial Certification

Our Notaries prepare Notarial Certificates of Law & Good Standing.

  • Verification

We help with verification of Company documents, identity and/or signature.  We witness the execution of local and international documents used in commercial and banking transactions, real estate sales, wills and probate matters, intellectual property rights and similar criteria across the board in our areas of Practice and beyond.

  1. Maritime Law & Shipping

Maritime issues, Ship Registration, Ship Acquisition, Oil and Gas Law, Secretarial jobs and Arbitration, to mention but a few.  We also provide legal/intellectual products in the maritime/admiralty industry as well as resource persons and training.

Clients’ retain our services to proffer advice on and assist financially-troubled banking transactions and we have participated in a special advisory capacity to review banking portfolios of major financial institutions and in developing and monitoring strategies for handling problem banking/shipping loans, including restructurings, workouts, mortgage enforcements and insolvencies and also in dealing with all major areas of maritime and admiralty matters.  We represent many vessel owners and charterers often through their P&I Clubs, in the defence of suits for cargo loss or damage

  1. Arbitration/Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)/General Litigation


Mediation, Arbitration, Conciliation and Negotiations; International Arbitration; Mediation and Settlement of disputes mostly in admiralty/maritime and commercial matters.  We also handle litigation in areas where mediation may fail.  We cover a wide range of matters from Corporate issues to Fundamental Human Rights [FHR] issues.


We aim to provide the highest professional standard of advocacy and arbitration analysis for all who seek our services, looking at law, from your perspective.


  1. Media, Entertainment and Sports Law


We advise in negotiations and prepare agreements and other legal documents/settlements in media and entertainment.  We are also involved in Sports and the development of the legal infrastructure governing Sports in Nigeria and advise on varying aspects of Sport.  We are now members of the Sports Law Association, a non-profit, international, professional organization whose common goal is the understanding, advancement and ethical practice of sports law. There are over 1,000 current members across the Globe: practicing lawyers, law educators, law students, and other professionals with an interest in law relating to professional and amateur sports; which has enhanced significantly our Sports Legal Department.


  1. Immigration & Nationality/ Visa Matters


We have over 20 years experience in handling immigration/visa matters across the board in jurisdictions across, Europe, the Americas and Africa, especially in Nigeria and West Africa.  We also relate this Department with our Sports Legal Department as part of the issues involved with sporting personalities includes dealing with matters relating to their immigration and visa status.


  1. Intellectual Property


We handle matters involving Copyrights, Patents and Trademarks and have been involved in litigation concerning Marks in disputes and advising on ways of protecting patents and copyrights.


  1. Consumer Protection/Competition & Anti-trust Law


This is a fairly novel area in Nigerian Law which we are seeking to broaden indepth in a bid to protect the Nigerian Consumer and also ensure that there is healthy commercial competition amongst industry stakeholders.


  1. Energy/Power


We handle licensing of companies in this industry with NERC, NBET and have acted for DISCOs and currently act for alternative energy companies.


  1. Other Areas:


We also handle include Employment [Labour] & Education Law, Wills and Probate, Family Law, Housing Law [Landlord & Tenancy], Information and Commercial Technology and Class Actions and look to develop novel areas of legal practice and research.